So fellow travelers,  sitting at in the library of the high school where I work, I sensed a change in the ambient light.

 After hours of grey lake effect squalls driven by a subzero wind chill brutal enough to delay school for two hours yesterday morning, the sun had managed to push a few rays through a gap in the storm front.  I glanced towards the big windows and saw light filtering through the leaves of one of the plants. I took my chances on grabbing a shot with my not-an-IPhone-camera and as I worked on editing the image, words emerged and formed a bit of poetry.



Leaves reaching for Light

yearning for sunshine and warmth

Unrequited faith


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready

Deborah H Rahalski


  1. I love haiku. So simple, and yet, when kept to the 5-7-5, so satisfying. Your last
    line gives it that sense of transcendence that moves it beyond mere description. Keep
    that camera handy! The photo is lovely.

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