Return to Bedlam Farm Conclusion : Love and Magic

So fellow travelers, do you believe in magic?

By the end of the evening,  all anxiety about driving the winding hills back to the loft apartment had completely evaporated.  Basking one’s soul in the warm camaraderie of kindred spirits and the careful honing of perception from creative focus will do that to negative energy.

My roommates sat at the dining room table, discussing various life changes currently underway in our lives. The diversity in age, gender, background, profession and personalities within the Creative Group make for a kaleidoscope of perspectives on life’s many crossroads. In addition to all the good creative work, there are underlying stories of birth, death, career shifts, physical and emotional healing, family and adventures on and off the road.

I gain more than creative inspiration from my “farmie” family. Every time we gather, whether for an open house or an impromptu lunch  I come home with insights on work I need to do on myself. I would soon discover hitching rides with various friends provided the added benefit of extra discussion time. When we are on the grounds of Bedlam Farm an engaging discussion is likely to be brought to a sudden shift as Jon announces a herding demo or a poetry reading. Extra one on one time offered some gifts I had not expected to gain and I hope it will be reflected in my creative work going forward.

Of course, those events at the farm, along with the art show in Maria’s studio, are a major reason we come to the Open House.  They are a celebration of  all things Bedlam.


Fanny soaking up some love


Tom Atkins reads his ernest poetry from his book Madman’s Courage


Jon working with Fate on sheep herding


Team Bedlam, Fate and Red



and as always photos of people taking photos, Me and Candy in photo ninja mode, photo courtesy of Audrey Gegg


Joshua Rockwood’s visit on Sunday, with his beautiful family was a moving experience for me. His brief, simple and eloquent statement of gratitude for the support he has received (read about his ordeal on Jon’s blog here ) moved many of us to quiet tears.  I will carry the experience with me as a reminder of the importance of truth, compassion and kindness.

And yes, beyond my wildest expectation not only did I meet Jon and Maria’s new dog Fate


(Fate surveys her latest water bottle sculpture)

at one point, when I felt her nudging my backpack as I sat listening to one of the poetry readings I turned and was smothered in sweet puppy kisses.  That and some gentle love from Red are blessings of joy I will hold in my heart.


Jon knows many people come to the Open House events to see the animals. Although none of us spoke directly of it we missed Simon, Lenore and Frieda.  The farm feels significantly different in the way life has of nudging us forward.

What hasn’t changed is the heart of love at the core of Bedlam Farm.  It radiates from Jon and Maria


Our gracious host and his queen. photo courtesy of Joe Gegg


It ripples out from seasoned members inspiring our creative beginnings




It shines bright and forges connections created online into links of true friendship

jons group shot


photo by Jon Katz


Love, encouragement, friendship, family.

Over the two days I spent with this gloriously funny, warm and often wacky group of creative souls I gathered the courage to dig deeper in my writing, filled my heart with examples to strengthen relationships and soaked up enough laughter (I hope) to carry me over the waves of change I still have to weather before we meet again in Autumn.

Magic,  pure magic for which I am ever so grateful to be a part of.



Photo courtesy of Beth Heffern who excels at capturing moments of childhood joy and innocence and whose friendship is one I treasure deeply.


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready

Deborah H Rahalski

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