Return to Bedlam Farm Part 6 : The Golden Hour Walk

So fellow travelers, something magical is about to happen, something we have waited for so long I hardly dare believe it will come to be…..



In his book Letters from the Hive: an intimate history of  bees, honey and humankind ,  author Stephen Buchmann describes a concept called biophilia.  It’s premise is humans have  genetically based physiological and neurological structures which “respond to differing habitats, flora and fauna in selective ways.”

A fitting framework as we head north to the homestead of writer, photographer, recently turned bee keeper, Jeff Anderson.


Beekeeper Anderson checking on the hive. Can you say “late night sugar run?”

Since October of 2013, on the Friday before each Bedlam Farm Open House, Jeff and his gracious wife Laura have hosted a potluck barbecue at their hilltop home in Granville for members of the Creative Group*. For many of us, this event is the first face-to-face encounter with people we have come to know so well through our on-line interactions.

Faith Mayer, who attended her first Open House this weekend described it as meeting people “inside out.” In a post on the CGBF page she explained

Normally, we meet people in person first. We make judgements based on looks, actions and often mundane conversations. If we are lucky, we form friendships from these initial “body” meetings. The CGBF is different. I loved all of these people already. I knew their souls, their thoughts and what made them tick – on a most creative level anyway – perhaps I am being presumptuous, but when I met them in person it was like finding a long last friend.” 

Old friends who’ve just met; sounds preposterous but having lived this experience repeatedly I know it truly does feel like Faith describes.


Add in the mystical beauty of the natural landscape where we gather and it’s no wonder “newbies” and seasoned farmies find themselves coasting through a Bedlam Farm Open House weekend in an altered state of mind.

Then again maybe it’s the food, because gosh darn it every year the table is laden with delights, like Kate’s delicious rhubarb pie, Candy’s bacon wrapped apricot appetizers, fresh salads loaded with produce from local farm markets, some years even homemade breads. And then there was this year’s masterpiece from Beth Heffern

Beths OMFG dinner

a mouthwatering combination of pork fat, sweet citrus and fork tender meat which when posted on the group page had generated a colorful comment from Jeff thus creating it’s name “The OMFG Dish” and yes it was Oh my freakin’ amazing. I wholeheartedly agree with Jeff’s post dinner comment that we need a Hall of Fame for people like Beth who bravely go for the creative gusto in the kitchen and share the results with us lucky pot-luckers. (There will be more about Beth’s many talents to come.)

Once the feasting slowed to appreciative murmurs, Jeff called for the shutterbugs to gather. I turned to Candy and whispered “This really is going to happen.” Her smile echoed the waves of joy lapping at heart.

The Golden Hour Photo walk was something we had planned for several gatherings, but not yet succeeded in doing. A change in weather, delays in timing or dwindling light had always brought the evening to a close without the anticipated photo ops. Last year we did fit in a brisk, chilly twilight stroll; this time we would linger to capture sky paintings


the Angel cloud 

Yes, last October Jeff offered a photo workshop on the morning after the open house, an opportunity I am grateful I was able to have,


Milkweed Fairy my favorite shot from the October photo workshop

still mid-morning light is not quite as golden as summer’s eve.


This time dinner was done early enough to catch the golden tones of the sinking summer sun. Off we went, old and new friends chatting


and clicking away


Jeff graciously gave us a tour of his phenomenal market garden


photo courtesy of Deb German Young


horse pasture




and fields.



The light was magical.



truly magical



Even the Christmas Star showed up,



a Heavenly prophecy of more blessings to come.

(look closely above the center of the sky line for the bright spot of Jupiter,  fainter just to the left and slightly above is Venus. This conjunction, which would grow closer and brighter in the coming nights, is associated with the bright star which guided the Magi.)  

to be continued

Walk Gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

*Readers, you will find the Creative Group’s Facebook page here. It is open to the public for viewing and readers will find a steady stream of really “good stuff.”



Deborah H Rahalski

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