Spirit of 60 Road Trip Part Seven: Glassy-eyed Wonder

So fellow travelers, in my first post I alluded to an event which guided the timing of this trip.


Acquiring coveted tickets to one of the viewings for Chihuly Nights at the New York Botannical Garden had more to do with when I scheduled this road trip than it being my 60th birthday. In all honesty if I could have picked anywhere to be on my birthday I would have spent it with my daughters in Portland, Oregon. However an impending alignment of the sun and moon required choosing between heading west for a solar return in July or a solar eclipse in August.

The eclipse won so hopefully I will be writing about that adventure next week!

So the main lunacy of this expedition became a late afternoon drive from Oyster Bay to the NYBC, a trek which involved navigating both the Long Island and Cross Bronx Expressways, which I might note are not so “express” at that time of day. Allowing myself two hours to make the 35 mile drive turned out to be just about right. No, don’t torture yourself by doing the math to figure out my average speed; I lived it, trust me you don’t want to suffer needlessly. We are after all on a quest to seek the counterpoint to suffering.

What I will say is every minute on the congested roadways was absolutely worth it.



Garden fantasies create

Glassy eyed wonder

But I’ll let you decide that for yourselves. Enjoy~

~ and these are just a smattering of the images I was able to capture. There are many more, which will make appearencs over time as I discover the words embedded in them.


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Deborah H Rahalski


    1. One of our daughters tools glass blowing classes in college, so I have some idea of the complexity and skill required to create those masterpieces. I found myself looking at them intricate elements and thinking he has manifest the impossible. Magical Indeed !

  1. I saw an exhibit many years ago at Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory! It was amazing and magical! There’s also a great wall of Chihuly at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha set up at a window so the sunlight streams in. I recommend seeing that!
    Where are you going to see the eclipse at? We will have a 95% eclipse from our house so I’ll be out in my yard!

    1. We are in Portland Oregon visiting our daughters . 99.6% here ! Powell Butte Nature Park is walking distance from my older daughter and son in laws house ! Unobstructed view No traffic hassles.

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