So fellow travelers,  recently in both my online and “inlife” communities people have shared some deep feelings driven by major events beyond their control.  The responses of support have been a moving reminder we are not alone; if we reach out there are many hands are extended to help.  I strive always in my life to be one of those hands yet I am grateful to know those hands are there for me as well ( a post in progress, coming soon I promise.)



There are words we dare not speak

secrets too sharp to set free

kept sheathed lest they cut those closest


Wild comes the storm

tearing at the walls

thunderous and earth shattering

shaking our resolve


Cracks form

wisps of light seep in

voices pierce the silence


No longer alone

we rise cautiously

to face the journey.



I draw much inspiration and encouragement from a fellow Bedlam Creative Group member Tom Atkins, whose amazing poetry speaks to me every time.  Here is a link to his poem of the day http://quarryhouse.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/poem-the-gentle-warrior/







Deborah H Rahalski

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