Warriors for Light : Morning with a Rose

So, fellow travelers, another theme running through the Bedlam Creative Group Page is called Warriors for Light.  Our mentor, Jon Katz refers to his process of photography as “chasing the light.”   In support of  Jon during his recent bypass surgery, we followed the lead of photographer Deborah Glessner by posting images under the Warriors for Light theme.  Even a fractional ray of light illumines the darkness and with the power of Light these images created, fear never stood a chance.

Thankfully, Jon is home healing ( collective exhale of relief .) Naturally, because writing is an essential part of his healing process, he has begun journaling on his blog about his experience in a series called Tell Tale Heart.  It is powerful reading, not (no apologies) for the faint of heart, but full of the determination which will get him and Maria through the long process of recovery.

Meanwhile, it is clear this journey has drawn our group closer, energized our creative spirit.  The “good stuff” gets better every day. One of Jon’s restrictions prohibits him from carrying his camera; he cannot lift anything heavier than five pounds.  His hospital photos, taken with his IPhone proved no restriction can prevent him from continuing to Chase the Light.  Still, many of us have resolved to keep our own cameras close at hand as we carry forward his inspiration.  The “ripples”  reach out again.

So, when this vision greeting me on awakening in my parents’ guest room this morning, I grabbed my camera.


The rose reminds me of the indomitable spirit of this Bedlam Creative Family keeping our heads above water, uplifted by the Light we send each other in times of challenge .
After getting the image I wanted, mindful of a lesson from one of Jon’s Open House posts ,  I sat for a few minutes to take in the pure beauty of the experience.  Light like this is a blessing and even Warriors need to rest from time to time.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Photo notes:  Other than sizing for posting here the shot is SOC.

Deborah H Rahalski

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