Solace and Solitude

So fellow travelers, there are moments in the steady onslaught of things which must be done when every fiber of my being cries out for respite.

Late this afternoon was one of those moments so Delilah and I headed for a park which I knew would have less foot traffic than our usual walking trail by the lake.

Finding just one other car in the parking lot made good on my assumption.  We set out for the path which wove through the woods, I seeking solitude and Delilah seeking critter scent trails.


Take heed denizens of the forest, the Huntress is on the prowl

As she zigzagged across the path from promising brush pile to hollow log I listened to the sweet songs drifting down from the trees. Vireos, thrushes and song sparrows warbled a chorus punctuated by the sharp bright alarm calls of chipmunks startled by our wanderings.

This small sanctuary so peaceful and gracious, allowing me to take in the softness of wafting popular seeds



the magic of light on the green canopy



the sweet smell of wild blossoms


all reminders there is solace from the harshness of humanity’s inhumanity found in the solitude of the sacred spaces. Keep seeking, it may be just ahead on the path.


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Deborah H Rahalski

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